Waste incineration plants

Our services for waste incineration plants include engineering services and construction, in addition to repairs, conversions, new structures, maintenance, servicing and optimisation.

Our expert staff is available without advance notice and specialises in electric filters, fabric filters, bag filters and cloth filters, all kinds of valves, sliding valves, air and gas pre-heaters, catalytic converters as well as the typical elements of DeNOx plants, conveyor belts, bucket conveyors and more.

In addition, we are the perfect partner for the supply of spare parts.

Which services do we offer?
  • Metalworking, assembly work
  • Locksmith work, maintenance and servicing tasks
  • Welding, welded construction, steel rehabilitation, steel rehabilitation suitable for coating
  • Construction, engineering
  • Conversion, new structures, plant expansion
  • Optimisations, plant optimisation
  • Repair, repair work
  • Maintenance and servicing
  • Catalytic converter replacement, replacement of modules and elements
  • Setting work, commissioning
Which system parts are among our specialties?
  • E-filters, electric filters
  • Fabric filters, tube filters, cloth filters
  • Valves, shut-off valves, flue gas valves, control valves, air valves, primary air valves, secondary air valves, chimney valves, pendulum flaps, double pendulum flaps, non-return valves
  • Slide valves, gate valves, plug-in disk slide valves, bulk good slide valves
  • DeNOx, DeNOx plants, catalytic converters, denitrification plants
  • Conveyor belts, trough chain conveyors, Redler conveyors, scrapers, screw conveyors, spiral conveyors, bucket conveyors, elevators, pneumatic conveyance, containers, dust conveyance
  • Rotary feeders, lump breakers
  • Air pre-heaters, LuVo, gas pre-heaters, GaVo, regenerative gas pre-heaters, ReGaVo
Our particular strengths
  • Short-term availability
  • Expert staff
  • Spare parts procurement, esp. special parts for e-filters, electric filters, valves
  • Plant expertise, specialists for different system parts, long-term experiences
  • Creation and implementation of solutions, presentation of solutions
  • Development and implementation of optimisations
  • Certifications
  • Quality awareness
Which parts do we supply (new, spare, conversion)?
  • Knocking hammers, cam-operated hammers, anvils, knock brackets for electric filters
  • Bearings, bearings with protection sleeves, fixed bearings, floating bearings for electric filters
  • Cam wheels, worm gears, drives for electric filters
  • Cam ratchet-type toothing, ratchet-type toothing, lifting units for electric filters
  • Insulators, supporting insulators, pin insulators, rotating insulators, torsion bar insulator for electric filters
  • SE electrodes, SE wires, discharge electrodes, discharge wires for electric filters
  • NE plates, collecting plates for electric filters
  • Chains, scrapers, scraper chains, bearings, baffles, stars for Redler systems, trough chain conveyors, scraper belts
  • Seals, slats, slat seals, loop seals, weather-strip seals for valves, shut-off valves, flue gas valves, air valves, slide valves, gate valves, plug-in disk slide valves
  • Stuffing box packaging, packaging, bearings, struts, spherical heads, ball joints, angle joints, connection struts for valves
  • Shut-off valves, flue gas valves, air valves
  • Drive units, electric drives, pneumatic drives, hydraulic drives, rotary drives, propulsion drives, cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders
  • Design, construction, production and delivery of shut-off valves, valves, control valves, flue gas valves, air valves, gate valves, slide valves, plug-in disk slide valves, pendulum flaps, double pendulum flaps
  • Supply of heating sheets in enamelled and non-enamelled variant for gas pre-heaters
Engineering services
  • Design and construction of shut-off valves, valves, control valves, flue gas valves, air valves, gate valves, slide valves, plug-in disk slide valves, pendulum flaps, double pendulum flaps
  • Conversions and optimisations on e-filters, electronic filters
  • Conversions and optimisations for conveyor belts