Fossile power plants

When it comes to fossil power plants, our specialties include air and gas preheaters, shut-off valves and fittings, electric filters, catalytic converter replacement and conveyor systems.

We are your contact when it comes to underlying engineering services and subsequent servicing, retrofitting, optimisation or maintenance. We manage the construction site from the planning stage to successful commissioning.

Furthermore, we supply the necessary spare parts for all tasks.

Which services do we offer?

Repairs, refurbishment, conversion and optimisation measures

  • Air and flue gas dampers, shut-off valves / devices for vessel and flue gas desulfurization plants (FGD)
  • Luvo, Gavo, Regavo, air preheaters, gas preheaters
  • Sootblowers, sootblowing devices
  • E-filters, electric filters, EGR, electric de-dusting plants
  • Flue-gas desulfurization plants (FGD) and flue gas denitrification systems
  • Air and flue-gas ducts, compensators, containers
  • Conveyor belts
Which types of specialist work do we offer?
  • Air and flue gas dampers – delivery and maintenance of air and flue gas fittings. Production, delivery and assembly of lamellar seal and loop seals made from Inconel. Customised products as per customer request for sealing optimisation
  • Luvo, Gavo and Regavo – stock control, replacement (grouting) of drive pins, overhaul of the drives, sealing optimisation, delivery and replacement of heating sheets in enamelled and non-enamelled variant, packing sheets, sector plates, lining plates, conversion of sector plates/lining plates (wood replacement)
  • Electric filters – repair and maintenance, delivery and replacement of SE and NE electrodes, delivery and assembly of all spare and wear parts as well as cam-operated hammers, bearings, drive units, post and rotating insulators.
  • DeNox – catalytic converter replacements as needed, incl. module tilting, delivery and assembly of seals, mesh grids, spare parts for sootblowers, assembly and maintenance of sootblowers, analysis of sample elements
  • Air and flue gas ducts – restoration, plating, production, delivery and assembly in normal steel / stainless steel, delivery and assembly of compensators, restoration suitable for coating and treatment of flue gas ducts.
  • Conveyor belts – repair, optimisation and wear removal for conveyor belts for transporting coal and maintenance of coal conveyors, slat conveyors, chain conveyors, screw conveyors and shaker conveyors
Which system parts are among our specialties?
  • Shut-off valves / devices for vessel and FGD
  • Luvo, Gavo, Regavo – Air preheaters, gas preheaters
  • Electric filters
  • FGD
  • DeNox
  • Air and flue gas ducts
  • Sootblowers
  • Conveyor belts
Our particular strengths
  • Inspection and assessment of systems with repair suggestions for optimal operation
  • Availability of all required special tools and equipment
  • Close cooperation with our customers
  • Skilled expert staff
  • Quick response times
Which parts do we supply (new, spare, conversion)?
  • Air and flue gas dampers – shut-off valves/devices of all kinds in normal steel/stainless steel – all types of seals made from commonly used materials, as well as Inconel, Viton, PTFE, etc. – gland and gland packaging – flange bearings/cap bearings – struts and ball bearings – drive units
  • Luvo, Gavo and Regavo – heating sheets in enamelled and non-enamelled variant – accumulators made from plastic for gas pre-heaters – radial, sleeve and peripheral seals – sector plates and lining plates (production based on drawing, measurement or sample) – stretch cuffs, acid protection cuffs – drive pins, drive pinions, couplings, drive units – compensators and seals
  • Electric filters – tumble hammers, bearing units, drive units, drive shafts, worm gears, cam wheels, latch devices, post and billet insulators, SE electrodes, NE electrodes, walkways, mesh grids, hatches
  • DeNoX – seals, mesh grids, covers, spare parts for sootblowers
  • Air and flue gas ducts – production of air and flue gas ducts in all dimensions based on drawing or measurement, connection flanges, compensators in all commonly available materials
  • Conveyor belts – complete conveyor belts, conveyors, screw conveyors, rotary valves, conveyor chains, wear bars, guide rails, conveyor buckets, drives, drive stations, returning stations, drive units, compensators
  • Sootblowers – gland packaging of all kinds, gland followers, slide bearings
Engineering services
  • Construction site management from planning stage to commissioning
  • Creation of timetable
  • CAD drawings / construction drawings
  • Calculations for structural analysis
  • Planning and construction of steel structures in general
  • Conversion concepts for plant optimisation