Environmental and recycling plants

We perform all maintenance and service tasks as well as new structures and optimisation for environmental and recycling plants. We ensure protection of the plants and plant parts through timely maintenance and repair intervals so that production processes in the plants can continue undisturbed.

We strive to correct operational any malfunctions that nonetheless occur and which can seriously impair production, quickly and without bureaucratic delays through our expert staff. We directly produce required spare parts or individual components and install them as quickly as possible.

Which services do we offer?
  • Maintenance and repairs of conveyance units
  • Maintenance of the drive station, return station, trough, shaft, construction and the transport organs, conveyor chain, conveyor belt and conveyor bucket
  • Replacement of drive units, motor gears, drive drum, drive stars, bearings, star segments, couplings, conveyor chains, chain links, conveyor buckets, wearing parts, guide rails, carrying rollers, guide rollers
  • Conversion and optimisation measures, calculation and design of new plants, plant parts, removal of weak spots, new design of endangered plant parts
  • Steel rehabilitation on sidewalls, bottom plates, protective hoods, construction, conveyance and de-dusting services
  • Locksmith work in general, disassembly and reassembly, conversion tasks
  • Execution of emergency repairs, adjustment of components
  • Expansion of existing transport routes
  • Design of new transport routes
Which system parts are among our specialties?
  • Conveyance systems, conveyance units such as slat conveyors, conveyor belts, bucket conveyors, trough chain conveyors, scraper belts
  • Shredders, presses, roller presses
  • Transport routes, packaging machines
  • Shut-off valves, change-over valves
  • Screening machines, shaker conveyors
  • De-dusting plants, tube filter plants, ventilator blades, fan belts, fan belt disks etc.
  • Magnetic separators
Our particular strengths
  • At short notice, quick and reliable
  • Short-term and quick help
  • Fast solutions
  • Standby deployment
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Production of required spare parts
  • Individual adjustments
  • Specialists, expert fitters, long-term experience
  • Conversion and expansion work
Which parts do we supply (new, spare, conversion)?
  • Complete conveyance systems: Conveyor belts, screw conveyors, rotary valves, spare parts for the conveyor chains, complete conveyor chains, conveyor buckets, drives, drive stations, returning stations, bearings, bearing casings, compensators etc.
  • Drives, motor, gear unit, motor gear units
  • Trough walls, protective hoods, bottom plates, drive station, returning station, couplings, drive stars, segments, conveyor chains, conveyor buckets, delivery cells for slat conveyors, sealing elements, wear rails, constructions, brace supports, etc.
Engineering services
  • Expansion and design of new plants and plant parts
  • Creation of calculations for structural analysis for various subsections
  • Design of platforms and pedestals, construction
  • Increase of plant performance capabilities
  • Conversion and optimisation measures on bucket conveyors, slat conveyors, scraper belts, trough chain conveyors
  • Reduction of wear and tear through modern wear protection systems