Air and gas preheaters

For many years, the Wibbelt GmbH has been successfully conducting servicing, repairs and modification measures on regenerative air preheaters of all types. Our delivery program includes all spare parts and parts subject to wear and tear, seals, sector plates and shell plates at all quality levels available – in accordance with diagrams or according to measurements and models as well.

We are offering heating elements from leading European manufactures in enamelled or non-enamelled versions. The heating elements will be produced in accordance with international standards on computer-controlled rolling trains and will be enameled according to customer requirements.

Special tools for desurfacing of pin racks, hydraulic systems for inspection of the bearings, as well as special cylinders for replacing the baskets, are naturally a part of our well stocked assortment of tools and machinery.

Our services in the air preheater (LUVO, GAVO and REGAVO) sector include the following:


  • comprehensive repair work on air preheaters (horizontal or vertical shaft)
  • renewal of pins from a pin rack by using our utility model protected hydraulic equipment
  • turning of a pin rack and a rotor flange with specialized tools
  • delivery of heating elements (enamelled or non-enamelled) with a wide variety of profiles up to a height of 1250 mm
  • delivery of cold layers made of plastics in honeycomb-shape or wrapped-shape
  • delivery of sealing plates, compensators, shell plates and sector plates
  • high pressure (HP) cleaning
  • bearing control
  • hot adjustment
  • adjustment of soot blower facilities
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