Gypsum, lime and cement industry

As a specialist company for conveyance technology, we are the perfect partner for repairs, maintenance and rehabilitation for all types of mills and conveyors.

We also specialise in other subareas of the gypsum, limestone and cement industry, including electric filters, dampers, and sliding valves, and offer not only engineering services and execution but also supply the required replacement parts, new parts or conversion parts.

Which services do we offer?
  • Dip tube replacement / replacement of dip tubes
  • Chain replacement on trough chain conveyors, for example fluff trough chain conveyors
  • Chain and wear bar replacement, for example on brick cooler trough chain conveyors
  • Replacement, disassembly, assembly of thrust roller rack on surface
  • Slotted plate replacement and back panel plate replacement on ball mills
  • Renewal / revision / replacement of dampers and dampers
  • Replacement / exchange fluff line
  • Chain and bucket replacement, for example on brick bucket conveyors
  • Control / renewal / alignment of surface inlet and outlet seal
  • Control / renewal / alignment surface outlet seal
  • Repair of terminal strips and sealing frames as well as seal replacement on sliding valves and dampers
  • Repair / maintenance / rehabilitation coarse feed valves, rotary feeders and separating cyclone
  • Repair / rehabilitation rotary feeders
  • Repair / rehabilitation separating cyclone
Which types of specialist work do we offer?
  • Cement mills
  • Raw mix mills
  • Ball mills
  • Heat exchanger towers
  • Clinker coolers
  • Cement coolers
  • E-filters
  • Conveyance technology
Which system parts are among our specialties?
  • E-filters
  • Dampers, pendulum dampers, double pendulum dampers
  • Sliding valves, valve plates
Our particular strengths
  • Conveyance technology in general
  • Replacement of surface inlet seal
Which parts do we supply (new, spare, conversion)?
  • Spare parts for e-filters
  • Slat seals